Re-Roofing Services

Re-Roofing Services and Metal Roofing in Kalispell, MT 

Your roof serves several vital roles in your home, primarily resisting harsh weather elements and precipitation, while keeping the air produced by your HVAC system locked inside. It is therefore crucial that you keep it in top-shape to prevent energy waste and damage to your property. Unfortunately, re-roofing services are often costly, time consuming and harmful to the environment. Big Mountain Insulators Inc. provides an affordable and effective alternative to traditional roofing: our Elastospray Closed-Cell Spray Polyurethane Roofing Foam Insulation.
Roofer laying metal roofing tiles in Kalispell, MT

Incredible Value

Elastospray is an effective roofing solution for properties with almost any type of roof. Whether your roof is old, new, metal, wood, concrete, flat or sloped, Elastospray conforms to any shape or space and can therefore be applied seamlessly and easily. This type of roofing boasts the lowest lifecycle cost in the industry, providing 20+ years of leak-free service with virtually no maintenance. In fact, the energy savings from Elastospray roofs can pay your investment back in as little as 4.5 years!

Sustainable Roofing

Our Spray Urethane Roof System is among the most eco-friendly roofing solutions on the market. With an R-value of 6.5 per inch, you won't run up your monthly power bill due to poor insulation. Because no fasteners are required, thermal bridging is eliminated altogether. Additionally, the surface of an Elastospray-treated roof will greatly reduce its contribution to the urban heat island effect. Thanks to its ease of application (it can be applied directly to existing substrate in 95% of retrofit applications), your re-roof will yield minimal tear-off and reduce the waste that goes into landfills. 

Superior Durability

Due to its incredible durability and low maintenance requirements, Elastospray is a sensible option for most Montana homes. It boasts industry-leading resistance to both wind uplift and severe hail, and only requires a quick and simple recoating after it has sustained enough wear. Despite its rugged performance, it is incredibly lightweight, and won't put excess stress on your home's structure. Water ponding can be completely eliminated in flat roofs by introducing a slight slope that drains rainwater away effectively, further reducing the load your home must bear.
Worker nailing wood board with hammer on roof installation work

Securing Fasteners and Seals

One of the major causes of roof leakage is the expansion and contraction of panels from normal temperature change, which causes fasteners to become loose and let water in. Because Elastospray is self-flashing and therefore doesn't require fasteners, this problem can be completely avoided. Of course, for customers who aren't looking to go whole-hog on their re-roof, Big Mountain Insulators offers installation of Uni-Caps and Uni-Tape seam tape, which seal fasteners, edges and seams with a butyl rubber sealant and an Elastometric Roof Coating for added longevity.
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